2024 – Super Series – Power Shot – Activation Tent

The 2024 Super Series is HERE and will not disappoint with some amazing talent on show. This year we also have an ACTIVATION TENT that you will not want to miss! POWER SHOT and other activities on display which are FREE to enjoy with a $1000 Prize Pool up for grabs + additional extra merchandise giveaways.

Over the weekend we will have a LIVE POWER SHOT LEADER BOARD which will be updated hourly! Click the below link to see where you RANK on the overall leader board.

Power Shot – Leader Board – Live Link

FREE and UNLIMITED GOES! – Head down to the ACTIVATION TENT this weekend to have some FUN and Chance your luck!

POWER SHOT SCORING – Explained Below


Standard Darts points

  • Hit a Number Receive those points. 
  • Doubles:  outer quadrant of each number
  • Triples:  inner quadrant of each number
  • Green ring: 25
  • Bullseye: 50

+60: X-Challenge

  • If a players shot hits an X-Challenge (blue circle) quadrant 

+75: Huddle

  • If all 3 balls hit within the same quadrant

+80: X-Challenge

  • If a player hits the second X-Challenge (blue circle) quadrant within their 3 shots.
  • Hitting the same X-Challenge twice does not earn extra points other than the value of the number hit

+160: Power Shot

  • Prior to a player throwing a ball they can call Power Shot on any number if they hit anywhere within the number, they revive the points on offer. You can only call Power Shot with 1 of your 3 balls.

+180: Running Numbers

  • If a player hits 3 consecutive running numbers e.g. 2,3 & 4, they will receive the points on offer. Note: they must be consecutive.

+200: Reaper Shot

  • If a player hits any of the Reaper circles, then they will receive the points on offer. The shot only needs to touch the Reaper circle to be applied.


If a value is in doubt, then the higher value will be awarded


-35: Outer Ring 

  • If any shots hit the outer Blue Ring

-50: Reaper 

  • If any shots hit within a quadrant where a black Reaper circle is positioned

-80: Power Shot Miss

  • If a player calls a Power Shot and misses.

– 100: Board Miss

  • If any shot hits outside the blue ring OR the entire board.